Multi class assets

Order Driven Exchange

Full Solution

Few of the highlights:

_ Distributed web application

No infrastructure required/low cost implementation

Extreme flexibility in deploying and maintenance

Full cross platform and cross device compatibility

No installation required, instant user access

Impenetrable by third party code

_ FIFO allocation algorithm

Industry standard FIFO allocation

Instant order validation

Cross trades protection

_ Infinite DOM

Full transparent liquidity

Empty price ladder filter

_ Instant execution

FAST TRADE functionalities

Scalping friendly

Real time validation

_ Instant, guaranteed clearing

Instant margin validation

Full order backup

Instant trade settlement

_ Fully integrated Back Office

Full KYC & AML integration

Automated compliance alerts

Customizable compliance templates

Unlimited document cloud storage

_ Fully integrated CRM

Multi format import and export capabilities

Unlimited role management

Unlimited cloud storage

Online marketing and optimization friendly

Deeply integrated within the platform

End User experience:

Social Module

Check others' and share own:

open positions

pending orders

group of friends

trading history (brief or detailed)


Autotranslate chat

Realtime translation / no language barriers

Position sharing

Analyzes sharing

News sharing

Chat 1 to 1 filter (public)

Analyzes sharing

Check and share analyzes

Real time evaluation

Instrument/user filtering


Full featured charts

Technical analysis indicators

Customizable templates

Multi charts


Public market news

Public news

Shareable in chat

Unlimited sources

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